We have received some details of the following paintings, none of which are currently in the possession of immediate family. These works were exhibited at the Laing Gallery in Newcastle between the years 1908 to 1921 and details of the actual paintings are sketchy. If anyone possesses F.W.Reaveley paintings which seem to match these descriptions we would be very interested and would be grateful to be able to display them on this website:

1908 1 Exhibit:
Number 140, entitled 'Stranded' , Sold for £1 1/-

1913 2 Exhibits:
Number 388, entitled 'Tynemouth' , Watercolour
Number 417, entitled 'On the Coast' , Watercolour, Sold for £1 10/-

1914 3 Exhibits:
No records kept of these

1916 3 Exhibits:
No records kept of these

1919 1 Exhibit:
Number 233, entitled 'Ovingham Church' , Sold for £2/-

1921 1 Exhibit:
Number 134, entitled 'Near Earsdon' , Sold for £2 2/-

In addition to the above, we were recently made aware of an oil canvas which was sold in February 2002 at auction through David Lay of Penzance.

Lot 52, entitled 'Cliffs of Tynemouth' , the painting measured 30" x 20" and was signed by the artist.

We understand that this particular piece was bought by a dealer and may since have been passed on. If you are the new owner of this piece, please contact us as we would love to be able to feature this on the website; F.W.Reaveley's oil canvases are far rarer than watercolours and this would certainly be a welcome addition to our retrospective.

We do have other information regarding exhibited paintings. A local newspaper article dating from 24th July 1946 covered an exhibition by artists of the North East Coast Art Club held in Whitley Bay Public Library. F.W. Reaveley displayed at least two of his paintings in the exhibition, which were noted as:

'Hamsterley', oil
'Brier Dene', watercolour

If you or a member of your family purchased either of these paintings - or know who did - we would love to be able to trace its whereabouts!

We would like to thank the owners of all of the paintings above for allowing us to include photographs of their prized possessions on our website and in addition, anyone who has assisted us with historic information.

For more information regarding artists of the North East of England, an excellent book has been written, entitled 'Artists of Northumbria...', by Marshall Hall. It was first published in 1982, and is therefore quite difficult to obtain. It is published by M Hall Associates, ISBN number 0903858029.

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